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MAY 13, 1961 - MARCH 4, 2017

On behalf of DRU's Board of Directors we are utterly devastated to announce that DRU's founder and President, Claire Kontos, passed away suddenly on March 4, 2017. We and the staff and volunteers of DRU are heartbroken at the passing of this wonderful woman who dedicated her life to animals and Doberman Pinschers in particular. She rescued countless Dobes in her 30 years of rescue work and brought joy to thousands of adopters who came to DRU for a new family member. She began rescuing Dobes out of her home and was elated when the DRU shelter was built 20 years ago. That allowed DRU to keep up to 50 Dobes safe and healthy before being adopted. DRU was her life's work and all of us were honored to work with such a dedicated and beautiful individual. Claire's passing is such a profound loss to DRU and the rest of the Doberman rescue world. She was Dobe rescue's greatest advocate and she will be remembered always for her selfless work on behalf of our favorite breed. We will love, miss, and remember you always dear Claire - not only were you DRU's Founder and President but you were also our dear friend.

Because of this devastating loss to DRU, we will not be scheduling an Open House this year. We will, however, have our Reunion Picnic in September.

Rest assured we are working hard to find a new Executive Director that shares our love for the breed and is dedicated to continuing DRU's work of rescue and adoption for many years to come. We will announce any news here, on our website,

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