The staff at DRU is a dedicated, hard working, devoted, and loyal group of individuals that have committed themselves to the care and well being of this wonderful breed and all those that are fortunate to end up at our facility. The staff takes great pride in trying to enrich the lives of the dogs in our care every day until appropriate placement can be found. We take great care to try and come up with matches that are mutually beneficial to for the dog as well as the adopter.  The cleaning is endless, the laundry 24/7, the days can be long and tiring but it’s all for the benefit of our beloved Dobermans. The time that the staff gets to spend with the dogs during the day (training, walking, bathing or playing with them) is cherished, and always something to look forward to. It takes a team to make sure everything gets done and we are fortunate to have dedicated volunteers as well to support the staff. “It’s all about the Dobermans”!