Some Available Dogs for Adoption

Nino 7 ½ yrs old (Placed with DRU 3-19-17)

Has hind end weakness. Loves to suckle on blankets and carry stuffies in his mouth. He will shred bedding and his toys so will need to be supervised with them. Enjoys going for walks or playing in yard with his person. He is a wonderful companion to the person he bonds with. Nino is suspicious of strangers and takes time to warm up and trust. Not fond of having his feet touched or touch in general. Will need an experienced owner who will provide him with structure and boundaries, as well as a quiet home.

ATHENA: 2 ½ years old (Placed with DRU 5-17-18, black/tan, natural ears, docked tail) Available for adoption.
Athena arrived at DRU with her housemate, Zeus, as the outcome of an Animal Control case in her town. Young, full of energy and completely lacking in any sort of manners, Athena didn’t exactly live up to her namesake, the Greek goddess of wisdom, during her early days at the shelter. Instead, she spent her considerable energy waging war on her kennelmates and pummeling her caretakers with what she probably intended to be affectionate body-slams. All of these tendencies put her on the fast track for DRU University, where she made an almost instant turnaround and has emerged as the star pupil in the current class of DRU U dogs.
Beneath that hectic exterior there was a brilliant, biddable young Dobe girl who just needed structure and guidance to help her forge a strong connection with humans. After only a couple of weeks in DRU U, Athena’s handlers reported that she was much more affectionate, responsive and obedient when they took her out: heeling politely at their side, sitting at doors before going through them and seeking gentle eye contact from trusted human friends. This girl still has plenty of get up and go, though, and requires a home where her training will continue and keep her busy mind active.
She would be a great candidate for competitive or Rally Obedience, and maybe even Agility, as long as her new handler keeps her “brakes and steering” tuned up to go with the big engine that is her heart. Athena has played successfully with some of the male residents of DRU, but can tend towards “snippiness” if they get too pushy. We believe she can live with another dog, provided he is respectful of her and the owner. Athena is NOT a good candidate for a home with cats or small critters as she is definitely a predator around them. Her excellent obedience skills allow her to work around our resident cats without incident, but once released from work, her first order of business is to Search and Destroy the kitties. We would love to see Athena take her rightful place as someone’s fun-loving canine sport partner.
SAMPSON – 3 1/2 year old male that came to us because he had a history of eating things that he wasn’t supposed to, which in turn led to some obstruction surgeries. That’s the only negative thing to report on this guy, although it’s a biggie! He is the dog at the shelter that all the other dogs love to play with. He can be buddied up with just about anyone and really enjoys his time running and playing in the yard. In the summer he loves jumping in and out of the kiddie pools, and he does love toys (and can have them as long as it is supervised). He is very friendly and outgoing, loves affection and attention, and also enjoys his long walks. He is in need of a home that can keep him safe from himself. He is very social, so not a dog that would like to be left alone or unsupervised for long periods.
STEEL – Steel is a 6 1/2 year old male, Blue, with natural ears and a docked tail. Playful and friendly loves to run, can be jumpy but easily corrected. Steel is highly trainable and a great working dog. Extremely smart and handsome dog who loves to play fetch, tug and his favorite toy is his red cuz ball. He dislikes cats and is very reactive to other dogs. He is not for the 1st time Doberman owner and should ideally be in a home with no kids or other pets. Steels former owner was unavailable for questions so we really don’t have any background information on him.
MACK – Mack is a big boy, “Big Mack” if you will, who came to us from another humane society after his owner became homeless. He is 4 yrs old with natural ears and a docked tail. He’s a big, strong, athletic, smart boy. He really enjoys his time with the trainer going for a run next to the bike. Definitely a will work for food kind of guy. He was initially reactive to some other dogs and moving vehicles while on walks but has been getting much better. He has done well around our DRU cats but we don’t have history as to whether or not he lived with them. Because of his size and strength he should go to an adult household that can provide him with plenty of physical and mental stimulation (Training and exercise). He could possibly live with another dog if it were in fact a good match. Mack can be a little leary of new people or strangers but could most likely be won over easily with treats.
DINO, is a sweet 4 yr old boy who can be a little insecure. He has been with us for a while now and we are still looking for a home that he can fit into. Dino was bought from a breeder and sounds like he was a bratty puppy, because he was returned at 6 months at which point he was re-sold. When he came to us he had an embedded collar and was very sensitive/reactive about his neck and head area being touched. In his second home he bit twice, once when a scab was being picked off his neck and the other was a reaction to a trying to remove a tick off his ear. Not making excuses just disclosing what we know. Both were finger bites. Dino needs an experienced doberman owner who can find a balance between creating some rules and understanding his sensitive nature. He has had a rocky 1st few years and it would be so nice to get him some stability, because there is a good dog in there for someone who has the ability and desire to work with him. He does walk nicely on a leash and has good obedience. No kids and probably would do best as the only dog in the house. He did good when introduced to the cats here but no guarantees.

OZZIE is a 3 year old, black and rust, natural and docked male who was too protective for the busy horse barn where he lived. And while Ozzie may never get his picture on the “Pet of the Week” wall of fame, once he trusts, he craves the attention, affection and time spent with his person. Ozzie’s passion is running, running, running! He’ll chase a tennis ball ’til the cows come home. Ozzie’s obedience is good, however he needs management with reactiveness towards moving cars, perceived menacing strangers, potential stealers of his food and dogs that surely mean him harm. He needs structure and responds best to kindness and nurturing. Ozzie Pawsbourne, Prince of Darkness, is not a starter model but will be a super affectionate dog for someone, perhaps a homebody with a fenced yard. It’s no surprise Ozzie doesn’t like cats, but if correctly introduced to the right female dog, romance could bloom!

Twizzler, affectionately known as Twizzy, is a very handsome 5-year-old male who is looking for his forever home. He was returned last year because he had snapped at the wife in the home, and he had a history of not being friendly toward women. However, he has been GREAT here at DRU and the staff is mostly women. The staff, volunteers, and our trainer have spent a lot of time with Twizzy and he’s come a long way. He is super smart, eager to learn, and has terrific obedience. Twizzy loves to splash around in the kiddie pool, and his favorite thing is to romp in the big play yard with his buddy Sampson. He needs an experienced home that is willing to continue working with him, and keep him on a good path. No kids or cats for this guy’s new home please. Are you the someone special out there who is willing to open up their heart and home to give Twizzler a second chance?